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Google and Facebook are both multi-billion dollar global organizations built on marketing data. Marketing data has become the most valuable knowledge asset your company can possess.

sophisticated AI,
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Facebook and Google’s machine learning algorithms are two of the most sophisticated commercial AIs in the world, but for either of them to reach their full potential in service of your company, we need to integrate your data, so the AIs can understand what is working for you, and what isn’t.

we configure your
data collection properly

Your company’s data collection needs to be enabled, configured properly, and each data source needs to be integrated with the others. Otherwise, you’re making business decisions without full situational awareness.

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Google Analytics

After you’ve linked it to your website, your Google Analytics account should be properly configured by a Google Certified specialist. Because, you don’t just want data - you want accurate, organized, actionable data!

Google Ads

Google ad campaigns rely on you having the Google Ads tracking script on your website, and integrated with Google Analytics. This integration unlocks enhanced data reporting on your customers and allows your ad campaign to deliver better results and optimize faster.

Facebook Pixel

It is not possible to execute the full range of Facebook Ads’ campaigns and objectives without the Facebook Pixel both placed on your website, and configured properly. If the Pixel configuration isn’t completed properly, sluggish, under-performing campaigns are often the result.

LinkedIn Insight Tag

The B2B analogue to the Facebook Pixel, a properly configured LinkedIn Insight Tag is a necessary component to high-performance LinkedIn Ad campaigns. Without it, LinkedIn’s advertising features can not be fully enabled or leveraged to deliver the best possible results.

Analyze all apps

SnapChat, TikTok, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest

Every major digital advertising platform will have their own tag, tracking script, or pixel to help close the loop between customer behaviour on their ad platforms, and your website and other marketing channels. Understanding how to set these up, and use them, is critical to achieving results, especially with complex, multi-channel marketing efforts.

IP Address Matching
(B2B only)

Configure your website to automatically look-up the IP address of businesses visiting your website, and to notify you of which businesses are browsing your site - even if they don’t fill out a contact form or email you. That B2B contract that looked like a done deal until your point of contact ghosted you - they were just on your website, browsing your services page! It’s time to give them a call!

Google Search Console

Search Console provides you with a treasure trove of information on how your website is appearing and performing organically in Google Search. 
Having this data integrated with your website Analytics provides incredibly valuable information to your business, and should inform any SEO efforts you have underway. It is not possible to do proper SEO work without having Google Search Console set up and verified!

Dynamic Call Tracking

Track which calls are originating from your website, and track how those callers arrived at your website in the first place. This valuable information can help you understand which marketing channels are delivering value, and can help us optimize and improve the performance of your ad campaigns.

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