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Our Process

As a performance marketing agency, we measure our success against the growth in your bottom line. When we enter into a partnership we commit ourselves to growing your business and that is why our only measure of success is your success!


How Do We Optimize
Lead Generation?

Phase 1:
The first thing we do is establish your ideal cost per lead, and cost per closed lead. Next, we work together to analyze your closed lead data to establish a baseline close rate and cost per closed lead as a point of comparison.
Together, we will establish the lifetime value of your closed leads and then work toward solidifying your ROI and holding every dollar spent accountable to the growth of your bottom line.
Our performance marketing team is perfectly positioned to advise and assist you in assessing your internal infrastructure and capacity to scale your business.

We’ve seen it all and are standing by to consult on and offer solutions to common scaling problems.
Once you’re prepared and ready to scale, we’ll slowly dial up the volume on your lead generation and repeat phase 1 to ensure we’re still doing everything we can to maximize your profitability and growth.
Phase 2:
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Our team is dedicated to growing your business through individualized data-backed marketing tactics specific to your company's needs.


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