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Raina Leibel

Raised in Saskatoon, Raina relocated to Regina to earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Regina. It was during her studies that she developed a passion for human cognition, self-improvement, the sciences, and data analysis. After graduating, she enthusiastically entered the marketing field, leveraging her newfound knowledge.

Driven by her self-taught skills and determination, Raina progressed from entry-level positions to management roles, serving as an in-house marketer for various reputable businesses in Regina. Professionally, she thrives on finding creative solutions for complex obstacles, and isn’t afraid to conquer the data to come to a fortified solution.

Most recently, Raina held the position of Marketing Manager in the property management sector, spearheading their content strategy and digital marketing initiatives. In early 2023, she returned to Saskatoon to be near family, explore her musical interests, and further advance her career in digital marketing.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Raina is a devoted cat mom of two, an avid foodie, a music lover, and a psychology enthusiast with a knack for well-organized spreadsheets.

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