Out With The Old & In With The New

Facebook has introduced changes in their algorithm that will alter the way we see our feeds forevermore. For days after the big announcement marketers, content creators and agencies were a bit panicked. But let's talk about what these changes really mean for users and for businesses.

“Like this post to win”, “Share and tag your friends if you love peanut butter”, otherwise known as engagement bait, is content that we will see a drastic decrease in over the next several weeks. As the popularity and need of social media marketing continues to grow, we have come accustomed to an overload of inauthentic posts from companies who are looking to bribe their way to a larger reach. Along with giving a false perception of their following, this is also just downright annoying to all of us who use Facebook for networking with the businesses we enjoy and staying updated with family, friends and worldly events.

Not only is Facebook hammering down on these types of posts, they are also penalizing the pages themselves who continue to utilize engagement bait methods. A demotion system will be rolled out which will result in a decrease in reach for pages as a whole, not just on the specific posts. Some companies are going to struggle with this change but we are pretty excited about it.

“Challenge accepted and thank you, Facebook! Many marketers and businesses are worried about these changes but our team is actually excited. For the most part, it has been business as usual and the changes we are putting into place will bring our clients even more value. We know a long term strategy is not about baiting people to engage with posts irrelevant to our client’s business. It's about knowing your ideal audience, publishing content that is meaningful to them, and timing!"

Amber Fossenier, OpenSail Director of Strategy

Thank you Facebook for rewarding those who understand the value of relevant content, bringing people together, and genuine conversation.