4 SEO Tips for Photography Businesses

A summary of Derrick Swanson’s 10 minute presentation to the Professional Photographers of Canada Saskatchewan (PPOC-SK) Fall Convention 2017

1. Verify your Google my Business Page

Google will send you more traffic, for free, then all of the other listing sites combined. (Think about that before you starting giving money to websites to list your business on them!)

2. Use Google’s Page Speed test to see if your site is fast enough for Google

The two easiest fixes:

  1. Use properly sized and optimized images and photos on your site.
  2. Don’t go too cheap on your file hosting.

3. Pass Google’s Mobile Friendly test

If you fail, either get your webmaster to fix the issues for you, or move to a web platform that is inherently mobile friendly.

4. If people want to use your photos for credit – make them link to your site!

Other sites linking to your site, is very beneficial for your SEO. So the next time a person or company offers to credit your photo, ask them to include a working link to your website.

That's It!

Follow these 4 steps and you will have begun a great foundation to your businesses' SEO.