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Your Web Presence is the foundation to all other marketing efforts. It’s the footprint that you take up in the online world.

The quality of that presence affects your brand, and the likeness that your prospective customers convert into paying customers.

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We Manage your web presence the right way

Every business has a presence on the web, even if they’ve never lifted a finger to shape or control it.Google will buy your company information from government business directories, customers will create blank Facebook location pages to leave reviews on - there are 100s of ways for your company to show up online. Managing your web presence means you take control and improve both your customers’ experiences and your bottom line.

How to Build Your Presence

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Website Design and Optimization

Is your website a data-driven sales platform, or just a brochure posted on the web? If your website could be printed out and left on the table in your lobby, you’re doing it wrong. Every companies’ website should be a dynamic sales platform that is judged by its performance - you can measure it!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People are looking for you online. Are they finding you or your competitors first? And if they do find you, what are they finding? What is the quality of that experience for a new customer?

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Organic Social Media Management

Customers decide how they want to reach out to you, and they expect you to be available and responsive. Cover off their expectations, and open up new lines of communications and new sources of revenue.

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Website Design

If your website is only converting visitors to paying customers at half of what it could be, that means you’re wasting half of every marketing dollar you spend. You can spend more and more money to make up for a poor conversion rate, but half of every extra penny is still going down the drain. 

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Clear call-to-action

Your website will have clear call-to-action buttons always close at hand, making it easy for users to convert when they’re ready.

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Everything where it should be

And nothing where it’s not. People don’t want to think about how to use your website; they just want to find what they are looking for. For them, it needs to be that simple.

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Built for Marketers

To do our job, we need the websites that we work with to be built properly and to perform excellently. So, that’s what we do! We build performant websites that help marketing teams hit their goals.

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The world of digital marketing is vast.

The amount of tools and platforms we use to get the word out about your business grows every day. It’s important that your website is designed to support this rapid pace of change. Our websites are built to support any and all digital advertising platforms, so your digital marketing strategy can capture the maximum amount of value for your brand.

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Speed is key

The easiest way to increase the conversion rate of your website is by keeping the initial page load time to an absolute minimum. Your website needs to be FAST, so we’ll build your site to be among the fastest loading in your industry.

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Lightning Fast Hosting

We use Amazon Web Services which means your website will have global infrastructure with over 99.9% uptime.

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Quick on every device

When users view your website on their phone, it’ll load only the assets needed for that device, saving precious seconds.

We Design for the Modern Web

Competing in the competitive digital marketing space on your own can be difficult. Don't waste your money trying to get the best results on your own. We can help.

Native Mobile

It’s clear now that mobile is no longer the future of web design, mobile is the default. The majority of people looking at your website will be looking at it on their phone or tablet. Every step of the design process must consider mobile, tablet, and desktop layouts concurrently.

Designed for Google

Some agencies dabble in SEO, but for us Search Engine Optimization is a key pillar in any company’s web presence strategy. Every website we build follows Google’s best practices for on-site SEO. We can include keyword research as an early step in the web design process to make sure your website has the content it needs to rank on Google in your business category.

Modern Design Practices

Your site will follow current UX standards, so it is intuitive and easy for users to navigate. We also take extra care to make sure that every graphic on your website is properly formatted and optimized for web, keeping load times down.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When business owners learn to read their website analytics, one of the first things they notice is that the majority of their website traffic is sent from Google, for free. Without that traffic, they’d be facing some very hard times.

Conversly, they also see that increasing that free traffic from Google by even a modest amount would be very lucrative for them. The art and science of attracting more free traffic from Google is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Meet Your Goals

The foundational step to any SEO effort is having your website built in accordance with Google’s recommendations, and general SEO best practices. This alone won’t get you to the front page of Google, but screwing it up, will keep you off of it!

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Content Creation

If you want to go further, it’s time to start creating content targeted to specific keywords that research and data analysis shows to be the most likely to get you to rank higher, and bring in quality traffic with a commercial interest in what you have to offer.

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Local SEO

Do you want more people walking in your front doors? For brick and mortar companies, there is an entire sub-field of SEO called ‘Local SEO’ which focuses on getting customers physically into your space.

You want to show up first in local searches, with 5 stars reviews greeting your prospective customers. We’ll support you in generating reviews, keeping your GMB up to date and optimized, and all of the other tasks you need completed to give you the best chance of showing up first in local searches.

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Organic Social Media Management

Do you answer the phone when it rings? Image a business with two phones: a black one and a blue one. Customers call on both, but they only answer the black phone, and ignore the customers calling on the blue one. Online messaging is that blue phone! Whether it’s Facebook messages, Instagram comments, or website chat, your customers are calling you on that blue phone - pick it up!

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Monitor Your Progress

Every company needs a different level of support to monitor and respond to the variety of ways customers choose to interact with their business.

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Experts in our field

OpenSail is here to help you with the level of support your organization needs.You can have us monitor and respond to everything - so you can focus on your core business activities. Or, only lean on our team for certain tasks, maybe drafting review responses, or keeping up with Instagram story comments.

OpenSail adapts to what your marketing team needs, and supports them where they want and need it.

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