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Your company deserves to be using the most sophisticated and effective marketing tools that have ever been developed.

In the last decade, the marketing has completely changed - you don’t need to guess what works, and allocated budgets on hunches. Every dollar you spend, as it is spent, is tracked, analyzed, and optimized. 

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Three fundamental steps to
data-driven decision making:

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Collect high-quality data

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Take Action!

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Collect High-Quality Data

Every click, every impression, every action, every dollar
of revenue - it can all be tracked!

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Actionable Data

After you’ve placed it on your website, your Google Analytics account should be properly configured by a Google Certified specialist. You don’t just want data - you want good, actionable data!

Facebook and Google Ads machine learning algorithms are two of the most sophisticated commercial AIs in the world, but for them to get you the best results possible, you need to track and feed them the correct data! Facebook Ads need to be integrated with your website, and Google Analytics needs to be connected to your Google Ads account.

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Configure My Data

Without having your Search Console verified, you don’t know if your site is being index properly (and you cannot do proper SEO work).

LinkedIn and Twitter Pixels, dynamic call tracking, IP address matching, the list of data sources goes on. (SnapChat, Amazon, Instagram)

Your company’s data collection needs to be enabled, configured properly, and each data source needs to be integrated with all of the others. Otherwise, you’re making decisions without full situational awareness.

configure my data


Now that you are collecting good solid data, you can ask a question, and the data will have something to tell you in response - even if you don’t like the answer!

analyze my data
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Get Answers

Our qualified and experienced digital strategists are here to help you understand and interpret the story that the data is trying to tell you.

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Understand Your Data

This understanding helps you build and maintain situational awareness. To be clear, you shouldn’t let the data make decisions for you - that’s abrogating your leadership responsibilities to a spreadsheet!

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Take Smart Action

What data analysis can do is to reaffirm your past experiences, so you are able to move forward with confidence. Or give you pause to question what you previously took to be true, which might spur a small test - just to see if there is something new to learn there.

Take Action!

Optimization is a continuous cycle of
measurement and action, leading to incremental improvement.

Develop A Theory

I think customers are going to respond better to the feel good messaging, rather than the price point messaging. Let's test this out.

Get An Answer

Wow, the price point messaging really performs a lot better than the feel-good messaging. That’s unexpected, but interesting!

Develop A New Theory

Let’s switch some of our other campaigns to focus on price point messaging, and see if we get increased performance out of them as well.

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